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Majestic and rare bed
Coromandel Lacquer
Quing period


H.152 - W.188.5 - D.233 cm


Bed composed of 2 Chinese panels, headboard and footboard, called "in Coromandel lacquer" which can be considered "en suite".
The improper term for this lacquer was given by the English because these pieces were imported from a port on the eastern coast of India.
The work of this technique of lacquer consists of a digging of the wood previously covered with a canvas then thin successive layers of lacquer.
The head panel, with a particularly delicate precision polychromy of lacquer, presents a decoration of figures in a pavilion while others, on a terrace, are in contemplation in front of this mountainous landscape. Two round crests show birds of prey. A crane seems angry and is probably seeking help from a woman because in one of the crests an eagle holds another crane in its claws. The symbolic charge of the connection of these 2 animals is interesting and rare by the association of the courage of the crane and the strength of the eagle.
The foot panel, also in polychrome lacquer, presents a scholar preceded by his servant, on a bridge joining 2 pavilions. The scene is located on a body of water among rocks and pines symbolizing the permanence of these natural elements. Within 2 round-shaped crests the delicate decoration represents flowers and birds. This panel brings a complementary serenity to the head panel.

External measurements: H.152 - W.188.5 - D.233 cm
Internal measurements: L.172.5 - D.204 cm
Headboard: H.152 - W.188.5 cm
Footboard: L.172.5 - D.204 cm

Additional photos on request.

Coromandel lacquer bed, China, Qing period, 19th century


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