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Emmanuel Joseph Raphaël Orazi (1860-1934)
Pair of Istanbul landscapes
Oil on canvas

Signed lower left: E Orazi

With frame: H.53 - L.71 cm

At sight: H. 36.5 - L. 54 cm

Very beautiful pair of oil on canvas representing the mosque and the port of Istanbul.

Emmanuel Joseph Raphaël Orazi, known as Manuel Orazi, was born in Rome on October 5, 1860 and died on October 28, 1934 in Paris. Painter, illustrator, poster designer and decorator, the life of this artist remains quite mysterious but we recognize his great activity. It is generally associated with the Art Nouveau style.

After illustrating musical scores for the Officine Grafiche Ricordi (1883-1884), he created many remarkable posters from 1884 in France, as well as illustrations for books, sets for the opera and the cinematograph L'Alantide , and even jewelry for the Maison de l'Art Nouveau , an exhibition-sale venue opened in 1884 by Siegfried Bing in a former 18th century hotel, located at 19 Rue Chauchat in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

He will create posters for the JOB brands, the Contrexéville source, the Western Railways, the Maison Moderne, the Ligue vinicole de France, the Pierre Lafitte editions; for venues and artists such as the Hippodrome du boulevard Clichy, the Olympia, the Palais de la Danse, the Loïe Fuller Theater, the Porte-Saint-Martin Theater, Sarah Bernhardt, Teddy-Ted & Partner .... Moreover, his poster for the drama of Victorien Sardou, Théodora , was a great success and will be reproduced in the review Les Maîtres de l'Affiche (1895-1900) .

At the end of 1895, along with Austin de Croze, he produced the curious and famous Magic Calendar for Art Nouveau Editions directed by Siegfried Bing, a 777-printed work including many graphic plates on an esoteric subject. As an artist of the book, he will collaborate with the Figaro iIlustré for the Nameless Beauty by Jean Rameau in 1900, and also with the Revue Illustrée for the tales of Jean Lorrain (1898-1900) who, appreciating it strongly, the 'will introduce to Jérôme Doucet (1865-1957), French writer, collector, bibliophile and journalist who was the author of numerous comedies, poems, tales, also books for children and works of art. Manuel Orazi will continue his work as an illustrator for other publishing houses such as Dido Frères, Paul Ollendorff, P.Lafitte & Compagnie, Fayard, and E. Sansot & Cie and for many world-renowned writers such as 'Oscar Wilde, Charles Beaudelaire, Pierre Loti ...

During the First World War, Manuel Orazi left Paris and took refuge in Montgivray. He was then working on a project for the edition and theatrical adaptation of The Loves of the Angels by Irish poet Thomas Moore (1779-1852). In 1915, he published a script entitled Attila, cinematographic scenario in 22 tables .

In 1921, he produced a set of five posters for the film Atlantis by Jacques Feyder (1885-1948). The director will also entrust him with the realization of the sets and costumes. Fully filmed in Algeria, Manuel Orazi will be responsible for supervising the works. It is very likely that the two paintings we offer date from this period, Manuel Orazi having lived in the region throughout the filming.

Many posters are kept in various museums, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Art in New York, the Prints and Photography Department of the National Library of France and the Carnavalet Museum in Paris.

Emmanuel Orazi (1860-1934), Pair of Istanbul landscapes, 20th century

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