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scholar's stone

Stone, wooden base
Early 20th century

Japan or China


H.60  - L.42  - P.19  cm


Beautiful literate stone with a white background and slightly gray veining  black and dark green  reminiscent of Shanshui mountainous landscapes. The oval-shaped stone rests on a wooden base, its surface is polished by time.

A scholar's stone or scholar's rock (in Chinese "Gongshi", in Japanese "Suiseki") is an art from the Far East relating to stones in fantastic shapes which have inspired poets and painters. Since the Neolithic period, precious stones and jade have been found buried in tombs; but it was not until the Tang dynasty (7th - 10th century) that Chinese scholars began to be passionate about collecting stones. From the Song dynasty (10th-13th century), we notice their influence on Chinese literature and art.  This passion for stone was diffused in Japan at the same time. The stones are often brought from China to Japan by Japanese merchants.


Good condition

Oval literary stone on wooden base, early 20th century

SKU: Y020125

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