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Dining room

Mahogany, Sarrancolin marble from the Pyrenees, Brown morocco and gilt bronze trim.


Art Nouveau

Sideboard: H.187 - L.232 - P.68 cm

Table: H.72 - L.159 to 380 - P.135 cm

Chair: H.99 - L.48.5 - P.46 cm

Important dining room furniture including:

- A curved serving buffet opening at the waist with a central drawer and two side swivel drawers, above two doors and two side niches with English shelves, marble top and pediment surmounted by a large animated shelf.

- A table with a thick polylobed top, supported by four arched legs and a central leg, joined by curved spacers (possibility of extensions, 3)

- A suite of 8 chairs with rounded backs, arched front legs and saber rear legs. Brown morocco garnish.

Sideboard with a bronze plaque in its central drawer: PA DUMAS. Manufacturer, 24-26 rue Notre-Dame des Victoire, Paris.

This model was presented at the Salon d'Été of the Grand Palais in 1902 by Maison Barbedienne. Partly reproduced in the review Art et Décoration the same year in an article entitled "A dining room" where one can read among other things: "Our readers will love as much as we do, we are sure of it, the concern for beautiful and harmonious simplicity which dominates there. The absence of drought and also the absence of unnecessary complications that can be seen there. The strict appropriation of forms to the necessities of which the designer of these pieces of furniture seems to have made himself a law here, quite appropriately ”.

Paul A. Dumas and Maison Barbedienne, Dining room, 20th century

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