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Guillaume Edmond Lexcellent (1834-?)


Gilded wood and breach marble


Around 1880

Stamped on the back of the tray:


12 rue BREGUET


Good condition

H. 76 - D. 40 cm

Lovely gilt wood pedestal table decorated with pearls, foliage, pine cones, windings and rosettes. The circular breccia marble top is recessed and surrounded by a frieze with beaded decoration.

Guillaume Edmond Lexcellent was born in Paris in 1934. In 1867 he opened his first workshop and his furniture store at 46 Rue de Charenton in Paris, then at 8 rue de Brégut, near Boulevard Richard Lenoir until 1928. He presented his furniture of different styles during several Universal Exhibitions, that of 1855 for which he obtained an honorable mention, that of 1867 during which he received a bronze medal and that of 1889, which honored him with a silver medal. From 1894, like many other talented cabinetmakers, he made copies of furniture by the great masters of the 18th century such as Riesener, BVRB, Weisweiler, Jacob or even Séné.

Guillaume Edmond Lexcellent (1834-?), guéridon en bois doré et marbre, XIXe

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