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Master's secretary
Precious wood and gilded bronze marquetry
Around 1880

Good condition

H. 39.7 - L.31.5 - P.14.5 cm

Lovely miniature secretary in Louis XV style with flap said master's degree in precious wood marquetry and finely chiseled gilt bronze. In the upper part, the secretary has a large drawer under the top and the flap opens onto two storage compartments and 4 drawers. In the lower part, the secretary opens with two leaves. The inlay on the flap represents one of the fables of Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695):

"The Fox and the Stork"

Compère le Renard one day got cold,

and withheld dinner, Gossip la Cigogne.

The treat was small and without much preparation:

The gallant for any job,

Had a clear brew; he lived scantily.

This broth was served by him on a plate:

The Stork with the long beak could not catch a crumb;

And the funny guy had lapped it all in a moment.

To take revenge for this deception,

Some time later, the Stork begs him.

"Gladly," he said to her, "because with my friends

I am not making a ceremony. "

At the appointed time, he ran home

From the Stork his hostess;

Very much praised politeness;

Found the dinner cooked to perfection:

Good appetite above all; Foxes are not lacking.

He rejoiced at the smell of meat

Cut into small pieces, and which he believed to be fond.

They served, to embarrass him,

In a vase with a long neck and a narrow mouth.

The beak of the Stork could well pass there;

But the sire's muzzle was of another measure.

He had to return home on an empty stomach,

Ashamed as a fox that a hen would have taken,

Squeezing the tail, and wearing low the ear.

Deceivers, it is for you that I am writing:

Expect the same.

(Fables, by Jean de la Fontaine - 17th century)

Master's degree secretary in precious wood marquetry, 19th century

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