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Attributed to Auguste Hippolyte Sauvrezy (1815-1883)


Blackened pear and ebony


Around 1880


Good condition

H.164.5 - L.93.5 - P.56.7 cm

Beautiful cabinet in blackened pear and ebony with columns rolled up in ivy. It opens in the upper part with a door in finely carved bas relief depicting Neptune, the God of living waters and springs, with his trident and the two horses of his chariot emerging from the tormented waters. It has in the lower part a drawer finely carved with twigs and two dolphins with coiled tails in the imagery of sea monsters.

Auguste Hippolyte Sauvrezy was born in Laon in the Aisne in 1815 and died in Paris in 1883. He trained in Lyon with Baltard. Sculptor and cabinetmaker of the Second Empire, he is considered by his peers as a virtuoso in the neo-renaissance and neoclassical styles. He notably received a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1867 for an ebony cabinet decorated with enamels by Claudius Popelin (1825-1892) and silvered bronze sculptures by Louis Sauvageau (1822-1885). This cabinet also features Lapis Lazulli inlays. The latter is still preserved today at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

Auguste Hippolyte Sauvrezy, in the 1940s opens his store and workshop at 23 rue de Turenne. Then from 1858 to 1963, he set up his workshop at 97 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine and his store at 22 rue Neuves-des-Capucines, in the Opéra district, where he could meet a wealthy clientele and collectors who were very fond of his. exquisite taste.

Attributed to Auguste Hippolyte Sauvrezy (1815-1883), Cabinet, 19th

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